Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pink Eye and Milk Fever (or Pregnancy Toxemia)

My purposeful pursuit in the blogging atmosphere isn't going to well...sorry about that. 
My sister is doing online college classes this semester so I haven't been able to steal her computer. 
One that note; I never mentioned that my sister is going back to school to become a nurse, she's been doing all of her prerequisites and applied for the first time to the nursing program for a fall semester and (drum roll please!) SHE WAS ACCEPTED! I'm so proud of her and excited to see where the Lord leads her. She has such an amazing and caring heart! 
My dad recently got a new laptop so I've stolen his old one, which means (fingers crossed) I'll be more on top of blogging. 

After ten years of owning livestock we've had our first run in with the dreaded pink eye in our sheep herd. 
It happened practically over night. 
We go out one day and Perseus' right eye was swollen and white. It was bad! At first we thought it was an eye injury...upon research we discovered pink eye. 
We stared treatment with NFZ Puffer ...over the next week we treated him and continually checked all the other sheep. Cinder and Samson's eyes started to get cloudy so we started treating them as well. It only took about a week for Cinder and Samson's eyes to clear up...Perseus' eye, took longer and honestly we think he no longer has vision in that eye...but pink eye is all cleared up (we recommend NFZ Puffer for Pink Eye, it worked great for us)! 
On to another medical issue. 
Cinder developed either milk fever or pregnancy toxemia. We're not sure which, so as a precaution we've been treating her for both. She's almost 100%. 

Evangeline should be lambing anytime soon, she's starting to bag up....Coraline is due end of April, she's the only doe we bred this year. 
We were surprised with three chicks in March. Samantha and I were getting ready to leave when we noticed a hen walking around the yard with three chicks following. We had no idea she was even missing...they are now safe in a tractor (we were scrambling to catch them before the cats did!)

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