Tuesday, April 4, 2017

God's Easter Miracles, By Lee Ann Mancini , Book Review

Back Cover: 
"Paul, Jimmy, Brian and the whole town witness God's Easter miracles in this unique story.
In God's Easter Miracles, the sea kids learn that Easter isn't just about the Easter bunny or candy. It's about Jesus Christ giving up His life for all of us, and how we are to sacrifice ourselves for others. Paul who is autistic, struggles with relationships. Jimmy doesn't want to share and Lenny clings to life due to a terrible boat accident."
I love the Adventure of the Sea Kids series. The illustrations are always so beautiful and vibrate; then sea kids are adorable. I love how the author uses a variety of sea creatures in the books. The story line is engaging and of course contain good lessons; encouraging praying (answered prayers), trusting God (faith in Jesus), sharing, and giving.
I liked how the author didn't make commercial Easter traditions a bad thing (the book contains an Easter egg hunt). I read it that the teacher was politely telling Jimmy to give Paul one of his eggs. I feel like the author should have tried explaining that though it would be nice to share (and it's a christian thing to do) , Jimmy didn't have to (life's not fair), and then go into the story about how Jesus died for our sins...
I enjoy these books and look forward to reading them to me children someday. 4 out of 5.
I received this book through Bookcrash in exchange for an honest review.

*this review has been edited after the author brought a fact to my attention that I somehow had wrong (my bad) . My goal when reviewing a book is to offer an honest review of said book and if a fact is wrong I will correct it.
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  1. Hi, Thanks for the wonderful review. But, the teacher did not tell him, she asked him if he would give one of his eggs and asked him to think about it. She never mentioned about giving it to him because of Pauls austism. The Holy Spirit worked within him to help him make his decision. :)

  2. Just looked it up, you are correct, she didn't mention Pauls autism. But, the way I read the conversation between Jimmy and the teacher she's politely telling him to give Paul an egg...either way, it's a fantastic book!

  3. Thank you so much! God Bless you!