Thursday, June 2, 2016

So Behind

I'm so behind! I'm behind in reviewing books, in doing chores around the farm, and keeping this blog up to date!
Let's see...we've had several kids born and sold-all females so far! One more doe, Annabell, to kid any day now. 
We've had three ewe lambs born, one we had to raise on the bottle and another we supplemented. So thankful all three are already sold and going to be heading to their new home in two weeks. 
A hen sat on a clutch of eggs; each day we meant to remove the eggs but kept forgetting until it had been so long we decided to see if anything hatched. Tada, one cute little chick hatched and is now living in a chicken tractor until it no longer peeps (our barn cats think she-staying positive it's a hen-looks delicious).
We're trying to sell our miniature horse. We never got him gelded (meant to but life and loss of jobs happened) and now he's very stallion like; bullying our geldings and herding the mares wherever he pleases. And him being a mini his tummy fills up fast so when he's full he chases his girls back from the fields to the barn and in doing so our mares aren't getting enough to eat and have seriously lost weight...
One of our goats occasionally jumps the fencing, without even touching it *boing* he's over, so yeah we need to add to the fencing height...we also need to drop the fencing around the goat/sheep fields as the poles have been pushed out (we live on a sponge) raising the fence allow the critters to almost squeeze out.
We lost four call ducks in a two week period. Our two original pair, Yusuke and Keiko were hit by a car, Mohawk just disappeared and Stardust was also hit.
We have almost all of our barn cats fixed (3 to go)!! Thanks to an amazing place called OAR (Ohio Ally Cat Rescue). They have been such a blessing!! The staff is always friendly, helpful and nonjudgmental about the fact we had over 20 cats needing fixed! Love them!!!
Our barns still need cleared out-they are awful, so built up! We traded two doelings to a man in exchange for him to help clear the barns but it's just a matter of arranging a time....our sheep still need sheared; it's not our favorite chore plus out shears suck...
That's what's been going on around here...
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