Friday, January 29, 2016

Reduce and Reuse

I stumbled across a blog post talking about ways to save money. The poster went into details about different things you could do around the house that, by years end, can save you big bucks.
Ideas included line drying clothing through summer, unplugging electronics, and buying store brand on certain items. One idea (that to some in the comments seemed revolutionary) was rinsing out and reusing zip lock baggies.
I was shocked at how many never thought to reuse them. 
Since the beginning of time-ok for as long as I can remember-my family has always reused our zip lock bags. It's simple, wash it out (checking for holes) and turn it inside out to dry.  
Ta da, it's simple, it's easy and it saves you cash-plus reduces trash.

So, that post got me thinking about the little things my family does to save money (and also reduce trash); wanna know a few?
  • cat/dog food bags turn into trash bags *Note, we buy 50lb bags, but any size works.
  • the cat litter we use comes in a bag, which we save and use as trash bags also.
  • (as noted above) we reuse our zip lock bags.
  • grocery store bags (the plastic disposable ones) are used to collect kitty poopoo when we scoop (ok, so I'm pretty sure everyone with cats use them for that).
  • grocery store bags (the plastic disposable ones) are used as bathroom trash can bags.
  • those large tubs cat litter can come in are perfect to store cat food in; and also to store cat litter in if you buy another brand (we bought the tubs once, and just pour the current brand we are using into it-keeps it nice and sealed-cats can't get into it). They'd be great for any storage, just spray paint them!
  • those jugs cat litter can come in are perfect to carry water (watering plants, watering animals).
  • any plastic food container (i.e. cool whip, lunch meat, etc), is reused like Tupperware (yes, we are those people).
These are just a few things we do, but I just thought I'd share. 

What are some things you do to reduce and reuse?
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