Thursday, December 3, 2015

Missing Baby Jesus

I love shopping at thrift stores; I make a point to stop at the local Goodwill every time I'm in town. You never know what amazing treasures you may find! My favorite time to stop is during Christmas. Oh, how I love Christmas time, (though I wasn't raised believing) I collect Santa figures. Not, but unique ones, ones that stand out and catch the mommy collects Snowmen-she has some adorable ones I totally want to steal! 

Any who, one sure thing you will find during Christmas time at a Thrift Store is a nativity set. 
Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the shepherds, cattle, sheep, the manger...but there is always one key part missing.
Baby Jesus.
The focal point of the Nativity scene missing, gone and forgotten.

It's strange though, how that kind of mimics how most Christmas' are spent. You set up all the props, but are forgetting the whole point.
-...Oh, yes, Christmas. Jesus' birthday. He was born in Bethlehem.....I need to finish buying gifts. I better pick up an extra toy to donate at Church...but yeah, Jesus was born today...I should write a big facebook post reminding people of how commercial Christmas has become...I'll have to use my credit card to finish buying the gifts...the mall is huge, don't stand in the walk way...*honks horn* what's with all the crazy drivers. Stop whining or you're grounded. No, don't put that ornament there. Stop singing Christmas songs. I need to bake more cookies. Why am I gaining weight. We have plans this Sunday, we'll go to Church next Sunday. We open gifts Christmas eve so we can't make it to Christmas Eve Service...remember it's CHRISTmas...look these Christmas cards have a bible verse on it, they cost more but Christmas is about Jesus and I want people to know that I'm a good Christian...I wish I had more money to buy them that gift...I wish I could afford that...oh, I need to dust off my bible and read the Christmas story, it's tradition after all...-

We talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. 
We get stressed, angry, frustrated, and depressed. Wanting more and not being thankful for what we have.
Now, I'm not saying boycott buying gifts, setting up a tree and decking the halls...Buy those gifts (I'm almost done), light up that tree, and deck the halls with bows of holly (fa la la la la...)! But make sure you're doing everything for the right reasons, not just because you're suppose to.

Without Christ as your center and focus, Christmas will feel empty. Focus of God, draw closer to Him...Donate gifts to help others, not for the credit. Set up your decorations for your enjoyment not to impress others. And read the bible to be near God, not just because it's a tradition. Christmas shouldn't be a stressful holiday. It should be a joyous one!

"Joy to the world the Lord is come..."

Christmas time should be a peaceful time.

"Silent night. Holy nigh. All is calm. All is bright..."

But most of all Christmas should be a time of worship.

"Shepherds, why this jubilee? Why your joyous strains prolong? What the gladsome tidings be, which inspire your heav'nly song?"

Merry Christmas my dear readers!!

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