Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Time

It's Christmas time here on the farm...every year it makes me long for children of my own. But until then my sister and I remain children at heart..
The morning we cut our Christmas tree we made Santa Pancakes.
We held our annual Polar Express Night...
Along with our mom, we went to a local Conservatory for there holiday display and then headed over to the zoo for their festival of lights...

For the first time ever my mom, Samantha and I made cinnamon/applesauce ornaments, cranberry/popcorn garlands, dried oranges and decorated a small tree in our kitchen.
I've been busy the past few months, I was working two jobs for a while; (including chores around the farm, I was averaging 16 hour days). 
One of our call ducks broke the joint in one of her feet several weeks ago. Broke like the bone was protruding for the skin! My older brother set the break (while I held her and tried not to faint)...she's healing great!! We moved her from a small pen into a tractor; in the next couple days we'll be removing the wrap....
We've been dog sitting and adorable coon hound...thankfully she fits right into our pack. 
Chance, our boxer/pit mix has developed a bad hip problem. He can barely walk straight, he doesn't put any weight on his back legs...we took him to the vet and I forget what they said it was but basically it's just going to get worse and there really isn't anything you can do. There's medication to ease the inflammation, but it's expensive and (we tried it) didn't it's just a matter of time before he looses control of his back legs all together and know...
We no longer have two flocks of chickens, they are all living together in the coop (no more moving that chicken tractor!)
Other than the above, not much has been going on here on the farm...
I hope you are having a Merry Christmas my amazing friends!
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