Monday, October 19, 2015

What a Bragger, By Lee Ann Mancini -Book Review

About the book:
"Melissa Blowfish likes to brag that she can swim the fastest, climb the highest, and has the best of everything. Corey finds her crying in the sand box with her broken shovel, the only toy she had. They all chip in treasure coins for her birthday present. Melissa prays, giving thanks to God for her friends, and learns they are more important than all the toys in the sea.
Lee Ann Mancini and Dan Sharp have created an underwater world that explodes with color, drawing the children into the captivating story."

What a Bragger is very colorful and well illustrated. I believe that it would even keep very young children entertained (not having any children I can't say for sure). 
Lee Ann Mancini did a great job at writing a short book that is not only enjoyable but contains a good moral, being kind and not being a bragger. It's a cute book that focus' on praying (even for people you don't like). The vocabulary fits well with the intended age group. It's nice to find a children's book with Jesus and Christian belief's at the center.  The book also has a hidden fun- there's a little Christian fish symbol hidden on each page!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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