Saturday, August 8, 2015

Nothing and Something

Howdy dear readers!!
My, it's been a while since I did a blog post! There hasn't been much happening here on the farm.

We recently got 50 round bales in. We're trying to get a years worth of hay stored here; that way we're not scrambling to find hay mid winter (because you know, somehow we always run out....)

We have four tomato plants growing. These plants grow HUGE tomatoes!

It's been a really strange summer here. Rain. Lots and lots of rain. Not to mention cooler weather. 

A few weeks back a big wind storm came through and blew over our big tree out in the horse field...the same tree our bee hive sat under. It knocked the hive over and pinned it, so until we get a chain saw, the hive is on its side. The first day or two the bees were so angry; but they's since adapted.

Our new chickens are now free ranging and they're obsessed with the porch...

I've been busy working full time...not my ideal, but we need the money. 

I hope everyone in well and enjoying the summer!
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