Friday, June 5, 2015

Fixin' Kitties

Howdy everyone!
I hope everyone's making sure to enjoy these early days of summer. It's been a crazy beginning of summer here, first day of June it was in the low 60's!

We feel very blessed this past month, we discovered a place that fixes feral cats for free and when we contacted asking them about all of the barn cats we have, they said they'd fix them all for free!!! So far six females have been fixed, one of which was adopted by a worker (one less cat for us to feed!) And we took the three males this morning. Now we just have three nursing mamas and their kittens left! 
It'll be such a relief to have them all fixed! No more worrying about mamas abandoning the kittens, or the kittens getting sick or killed by our dog! Plus, no more adding to cat population! Such a big relief. The place is an hour away but totally worth it!

We fixed a plastic pond and have it filled for our ducks-they are now free ranging again, let's hope they stay close to home this time.

We moved the chicks outside...wait, did I mention getting more chicks this year? I think I did...Did I? We got more chicks in April, I forget the breeds...any who we moved them out to a tractor yesterday.
We only had two lambs born this year, both single ram lambs...No twin, no girls and Cinder didn't have one...Hopefully the first and last year this happens!!

Get outside and thank God for the beauty and wonder!
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