Friday, April 24, 2015

The Epic on God by Micheal Witworth-Book Review

Back cover reads:
"Genesis is a book of beginnings. 
It introduces us to several biblical themes, including God’s authorship of life. In a world that blames the Creator for disasters and credits luck or karma for life’s blessings, God’s people need reminding that he is crafting a wondrous story of redemption and grace. Within Genesis, we are called to play the part of faithful children so that we might overcome this world and inherit the one to come. 
In God’s story, we discover how to live out our own. 
THE EPIC OF GOD will guide you passage-by-passage through the book of Genesis in hopes of deepening your trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."

The Epic of God is a passage-by-passage guide through the book of Genesis.  Up front it's a very in depth look at Genesis.  In The Epic of God, Michael Whitworth divides the Genesis narrative in 15 chapters (379 pages). After the conclusion of every chapter the author includes "Talking Points" that are given in order to prompt more thought and consideration.
For me, it felt a bit overwhelming; because the entire book is just about the book of Genesis, obviously it's very detailed. Think of it like a school book, but fun and enjoyable to read. The authors style of writing is easy to read and has a nice flow.
The author covers all parts of Genesis, not skipping or breezing through versus. I did like how some parts in Genesis that could be considered "open to interpretation" the author would state "I think, or, In my opinion" etc, he doesn't force what he thinks upon you. He clearly states what he thinks in means, not, this is what it means.
Because of the information, this is definitely a book you want to read cover to cover, and not just skip through. All in all, out of five stars, 1 being hated it, 5 being loved it beyond words I give it a 3 1/2.

I received this book through Book Crash in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not required or guaranteed, all opinions express are my own.
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