Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Showers

It's Sunday afternoon, and Ohio has once again flipped the weather. 
Yesterday was nice, sunny and warm, 79* according to the weatherman. Shorts and tank tops were worn. Today? Gray and chilly, with showers continuing through the evening....oh, well, you know what they say, "April showers bring May flowers". Anywho, rainy days make perfect movie days. know how in my "no more kids" post a few weeks back, I said we were all done with kids this year...wrong-o!! 
The very next day following the post, Tianna, the little stink, surprised us with twins!! The little thing didn't even look pregnant! They were so cute, and petite (definitely took after there mother) The good news is, her kids sold quickly. to the same women who purchased the other kid count this year equals eight!
April 1st we had our first lamb born, an adorable little black ram lamb....our other ewes are fat and ready to pop any day now.
A few weeks back we had a storm roll through and knocked down part of a large tree. In falling it somehow managed to miss the beehive, two pvc posts and four wood posts! 
We've had to put all of our ducks in a tractor, they had taken to wondering from puddle to puddle...all the way in the horse field, which we were ok with, the problem was when they started walking down and across the road (p.s. there are lots of nice people out there who'll slow down, honk or even stop and herd the ducks off the road. Thanks random people, faith restored).
Last week I helped my older brother fix the roof on the horse barn, a piece of metal was, I do not like heights! Roller-coasters, yes, walking on a roof, no, 
And I think that's all to update...I hope everyone is enjoying the weather....even if it's rainy.
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