Friday, March 27, 2015

The Distance Between Us

Yesterday was one of those days God spoke to me through a radio program.

Recently, the past few months, I've been feeling really distant from God. I love going to church and listening to sermons and bible studies; but day to day life-when I wasn't doing those things-God felt so far away. 
When I prayed it was as if I was talking to myself.

On the way to drop off my cats to get fixed, the radio was on and Klove's morning show was playing. One of the hosts talked about an email he had received from a girl talking about the same things I was feeling (as mentioned above).
The host read his response and it'll forever change how I look at the feeling distance between me and God...
(In my own words)
Feelings come and feelings go...and feelings can fool you. 
Have faith. 
Trying to discern the will of God, or how godly you are based on whether or not you feel His presence is a dangerous way to live you life.
Have faith.
I'm not saying that you should ignore your feelings all together, if you feel like you're not putting God first in your life, or you may feel like you've sinned against Him, then chances are you're right.
Have faith.
Believing and trusting in God is not about feeling, it's about faith. When it become all about feeling God, you start relying on emotion. 

Have faith and know that God is with you. 

Have faith, read His word, and never stop praying.
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