Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Thank You

Not so long ago, I read (somewhere on this vast internet) someone complaining about some store not offering a military discount. 
The person went on and on about how un-american is was and how they were never going to shop there again. 
That sort of self entitled attitude frustrates me. 
Those in the military should be proud; they are serving their country. 
But then again, everyone who works in the USA should take pride in their jobs.
I wanted to take a moment and thank those who don't receive discounts at stores, restaurants or amusement parks.
  • Police Officers. Thank you.
  • Firemen. Thank you.
  • Trash Collectors. Thank you.
  • Road Workers. Thank you.
  • Power-line workers. Thank you.
  • Sewer Workers. Thank you.
  • Farmers. Thank you.
  • STNA's  (nurses who work in Nursing/Retirement Homes) Thank you.
  • PCA's (nurses in hospitals who do all the dirty work) Thank you.
  • Teachers. Thank you.
  • Dog Wardens/Shelter Workers. Thank you.
  • Fisher Men. Thank you.
  • Truck Drivers. Thank you.
  • Construction Workers/Roofers. Thank you.
  • dmv/bmv Workers. Thank you.
  • Social Workers. Thank you.
  • Store Clerks. Thank you.
  • Restaurant Workers. Thank you.
  • Customer Service Workers. Thank you.
  • Daycare workers. Thank you.
  • All Doctors and nurses (yes, some have an amazing salary, but they did work for it). Thank you.
  • Veterinarians. Thank you.
To end, I do want to thank everyone who serves in the military. 

If rather than fight over who's job deserves the most respect, we all support each and thank each other imagine how much better the world would be...

Did I miss someone? Who would you like to thank?
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