Monday, March 23, 2015

No more kids!

Last time I spoke, the 17th, I mentioned how we were still waiting on Annabell and we were still 50/50 with Coraline...guess what, that evening Coraline had two adorable twin doelings!!! 
Annabell kidded Saturday evening-again, twin doelings. 
And the best part? We've already sold all of them!!! Well, Annabell's twins are still with us, but we have a family picking them up in a few days! What an amazing blessing to get them all sold so quickly! That's all the kids expected this year, and we didn't see one born-I'm kind of disappointed....

The ewes are still withholding their lambs; Cinder looked like she might lamb today, but still no baby "baa baa's"...

One of our hens, Dorkis (the first chick we ever hatched on property-and the first chick we ever had a hen hatch) died today. She'd been looking sickly and, for a moment there, we thought she was getting better...She was a cute little hen, a rhode island red/bantam cochin cross.

Smudge-my brothers dog that we're watching until he and his wife purchase a house-almost killed one of our call ducks Friday. 
We have to hook him out, we can't let him run the farm, because he kills things...rats, rabbits, mice, strange cats, kittens, chicken, ducks, other dogs (spring time is no fun when you have cute kittens wondering to the porch; he's killed several before we could stop him)...Anywho, so we'd just finished unloading the van and had him hooked out. We were inside sorting things when out of nowhere, Samantha bolts outside grabbing at his rope but misses. He takes off of the porch and attacks the flock of ducks....The duck decided that right then was the perfect time to venture all the way from the barns to our house. Never before had they been so close! 
As Samantha gains ground he backs off (knowing he's in trouble), the ducks waddle frantically back to the barn yard, with the poor hen limping and flailing trying to keep up.
Samantha and I take off after her, with visions of a torn breast or neck or a broken wing...quick cute moment, the other ducks were a good 10-20 feet ahead of her, but one of the other hens ran back to waddle with her-so adorable...
We catch her and look over her, wet from saliva, scared, but no blood...he must of did more squashing than biting...for the next two days she had a slight limp but so far so good-thank goodness!

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