Friday, March 20, 2015

And the Bride Wore White, By Dannah Gresh-Book Review

Though I'm not the target demographic for this book-it's aimed towards preteen/teenage girls while I'm in my mid-twenties-when I started reading I couldn't put it down. 
And the Bride Wore White is written for Christian women who desire to live their lives to please God.
Unlike some reviews I've read, the author never states that sex is bad, or even suggests that the man owns the women no matter his request....She does open your eyes to how hurtful sin can be, and how even years later it can haunt you. And most of all, she talks about forgiveness and moving forward.
Dannah encourages readers to honor God with their bodies and to be faithful to their future husband...I have to note here, that she doesn't ever talk about if you don't ever get married, she always implies that someday it will happen...which I think is an important topic to cover. 
I'm in my twenties with no suitor in sight, all the while all my younger friends are engaged or married...
There's one sentence I loved, it really made me stop and think and it actually didn't have anything to do with sex. 
We've all heard about making a list of your dream husband, what's his personality, hobbies, etc....well, somewhere in the book someone mentioned writing out a list of requirements for the women who'd marry your dream husband. Do you measure up? 
To often we focus on what he must be, and not what we must be. We want him to love going to church, all the while we're sleeping in on Sundays...
I just thought that that's something more young adults need to be taught, becoming the man/women your future spouse deserves; and even if you're not destined to be married, you're becoming the best christian man/women honoring God...
In quick summery, I believe any teenager, young women or even adult women (though you would have to remind yourself the writing for for young girls-not adults) who desires to live a pure lifestyle and save themselves for marriage, or maybe if you're questioning why wait, should read this book! Dannah writes in such a loving, understanding and nonjudgmental way it feels as if you're having a conversation with a dear friend and mentor. 

"I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review."
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