Thursday, October 23, 2014

You know better than I

There's a song from an old children's movie, well, it's not really old, it was released in 2000. 
Joseph King of dreams, an animated biblical (musical) family film. Though not 100% accurate, I still enjoy the movie-I love animated musicals (hello Disney films).
Anywho, there is a song in the movie called You know better than I.
It opens,
"I thought I did what's right, I thought I had the answer. I thought I chose the surest road, but that road led me here. So I put up a fight, and told  You how to help me. And just when I had given up the truth is coming clear."
Have you ever felt this way? Like you knew the best road for you life.
Many years ago, I remember praying telling God how to fix the problems my family was having. And but a few years ago I thought I had all the answers to my problems. I remember praying and telling God what was best for me. 
I once heard a pastor comparing Gods will and plans for our life to a tapestry. 
We only see the back, a mess of threads and colors. But when you look at the front and see Gods plans all laid out- you see a beautiful work of art. 
The chores of the song goes;
"For You know better than I, You know the way. I've let for, the need to know why. For You know better than I."

Ain't that the truth. 
It's funny looking back how you see and appreciate God's answer, even if it's no.
Years ago, if God answered my prayers-which was for money-I don't know if my parents would have come to rely and trust God as deep as they do. 
I remember my mom saying last year,
"If it takes us being poor to keep us relying on God, that I wouldn't change it."
My prayers a few years ago we so vain. I wasn't satisfied with God, and was putting so many things before Him.
I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am that He said no. 
Right now those prayers answers are 'no', but if God wills it, the answers are actually 'not yet'.  
What ever happens. What ever His plan is for me and my family, I'm putting all my trust in Him. After all, He truly does know better than I.
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