Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Waiting on my happily ever after

I'm patiently waiting. Well, most of the time I'm patiently waiting. 
I'm patiently waiting on Gods timing.
I've handed over all the responsibility of finding my future husband to Him.
Honestly, it was a tough decision. It shouldn't of been, but it was. 
I think every girl has a must have list (you know; he must by 6'2", drive a convertible, wear get the idea). Let's face it ladies, most of the must haves are vain and superficial. Our only requirement should be, he must be a Godly man.
I was so hesitant to let go and totally surrender my own will to God. 
Hand over the reins to God? What? But I know what I want, so why not just go after it? I mean, who could possibly know what is best for me, but me? Right?
God knows what's best for me. He knows what I need. He knows who I need. 
I can only base my choice of what I see, where God sees the future and knows who will fit best by my side for any situation to come. 
It's hard to remember at times; friends and family are getting married, while I'm still sitting here waiting. Let me meet Him today God, please. 
But I remind myself that the man God has chosen for me will be well worth the wait. 
And when the time is right, God will show me him. He'll show me the man who fits His plans.
Until then, I'll continue waiting and praying. 
God, creator of heaven and earth, is creating my love story, and I couldn't think of a better author. 
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