Monday, October 20, 2014

Stayin' busy

This past week my parents have been out of town, and I feel as if I haven't stopped moving. I've been in charge of running the house while they're away, so I've been the one cleaning and cooking.
In addition to running the house (and working on the weekends), I feel like I've been very productive.
I canned seven quarts of pears. I frozen five bags of pear pie filling. I picked a lundry basket full of pears (waiting for them to ripen). I frozen one bag of chicken pot pie filling. And Samantha and I took down and then put up fencing. I also helped Spencer put metal roofing on his barn. 
I also started crocheting a blanket using scrap yarn.
I was given a box of assorted yarns, some full skeins (none with a match), some half used balls and a few small amounts of yarn wound around an old spool and clothespin. The box has been sitting in my closet, waiting for me to figure out what to do with them. So I decided I'd rather use the yarn in a scrap blanket over waiting for the right project to come along calling for that color. 

I've been on a fast/break/hiatus from facebook. I won't log back in until mid November. I caught myself wanting to check my 'wall' any time I was on a computer, and I did not want it to become a habit. It's actually been nice not seeming people bragging or putting drama out there...Don't get my wrong, I love fb, it's a great place to stay in touch with friends and family, but so many use it to get attention..

I had a scare today, it was raining and the four kittens I've been hand raising were outside (they can freely go in and out of the garage). 
Spencer comes in with Oreo, I thought he was dead.
You know driving down the road, when you see a dead cat that's been out in the rain? That's what he looked like. He was cold (freezing cold), and totally unresponsive.
Spencer said he was out (way out) by his barn, we think Denmark pinned him down ("playing" with him) and then Oreo became to wet and cold to come back to the house. 
I took a towel to him, and got the blow dryer going. It was so hard not rushing him warm. I wanted to hold the dryer nice and close to him, but I knew better, so I held it far away (using my hand against Oreo to judge heat) and just sat there.
One side would warm up, so I'd flip him over (that side would be like ice). I'd get that side warm and flip him again and the once warm side would be icy cold again. All this time he's limp and shivering.
Samantha brings his three siblings in, fills a water bottle and jar with hot water and plugs in the heating pad. By this time, the blow dryer is getting hot, so while the blanket heats up, I wrap Oreo up and hold him against me. After 20 minutes he starts purring, it's a broken quiet purr, but never the less a purr. I place him with his siblings and head out to do chores (mainly to milk so I can get Oero something warm to drink). 
By the time I'm back inside he's alert and ready for a dish of milk!

Have a blessed week my dear readers!
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