Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall time in here

I cannot believe it's already fall time (I also cannot believe I seem to say that about every season or month). We've had ups and downs with temperatures already. I had to pull out a sun dress the other day, and then two days later I went to work wearing tights under my jeans and four upper layers.

All the animals are doing well. The call ducklings are no longer duckling but full grown quackers. We're planning on selling them (once I get around to posting their ad).
September 28th, Samantha and I made a two hour drive to pick up a buck...well, three bucks.
The breeder needed to get rid of three of her registered alpine bucks asap and was selling them in a great package yeah, we drove home with three bucks-ages 1 years old, 9 months and 3 months-in the back of our van. Oh, did I mention the oldest two were (well, are) in rut? Good times...Good times...The oldest is the father to both the younger. And the only downfall is two of the three have horns, but hey, hakuna matata...
Our three registered alpine bucks.
Now, we're not planning on keeping all three, we just have to choose the one we wish to keep... 
We weren't planning on getting another buck so soon after Kerchak's passing, and we don't know why Kerchak had to die, but we feel like we were meant to get these boys.
We had been checked CL and came across their ad, it was several weeks old, and with the price for all three we knew there was no way they'd still have them. They did, and they reduced the price!
We contacted the seller on a Thursday, telling her we'd like to get them but can't pick them up until Sunday. She said that's fine, but she wanted to be honest with us and let us know she has others interested in them, and if them come before us she'd let us know....Come Sunday, we go on our mini-road trip to pick them up and she told us that she kept stalling the others interested hoping we'd get them. She said she just had a feeling that we should get them...
This past week Spencer (with mom and I passing him the metal) put all of the metal on one side his barn roof. Once the rain clears we'll do the other side.
We decided to dry Coraline up, we're still milking Annabell and are actually increasing her grain a little to make sure she doesn't use all her energy to stay warm rather than produce milk.
We'll be moving Perseus and Samson in with the girls sometime this next week, we're just trying to figure out how to keep the rams divided with the right girls.
Well, I'm off to price pumpkins! Until next time my dearest readers.
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