Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Guess what hatched!

 I don't know if I mentioned it before, but several weeks ago, Keiko went missing...After being gone for  several days, we figured she had either left or been eaten...Well, the next day she flew to the yard from somewhere near the horse field (she made sure we knew she was coming, quacking the entire way).
She eats, we turn our backs and then poof, she's gone again! Now we assumed she had a nest somewhere...this continued for three days, her appearing and then disappearing..We searched for a nest but with no luck...
Finally, we stood and watched her for 30 minutes..waiting..waiting...we followed her to the fence line divided the horse field and yard....poof, she's gone...totally camouflaged (a place we searched through before), there she sat on a nest! Worried the cats would eat the ducklings once hatched we carefully placed a chicken tractor over her.
Jump forward a few weeks and five adorable ducklings hatched!!! We lost one two days later (it was born with a bill deformity) we're unsure why it died. But the other four are happy quackers.

I was out and about taking pictures the other day; something I do for fun-it help me relax and destress. And I was taking a picture of this thistle flower, and I caught a pollinating visitor! Look at all the pollen it already has collecting! Keep up the hard work you amazing honey bee!
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