Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wednesday on the Farm

Yesterday, everyone helped process deer quarters that have been in there since last fall. 
While Spencer, Dad, Mom and Colton worked on the cuts, Samantha and I worked on grinding scrap pieces to make ground deer (scrap as  to small/not as tastes parts of the deer). Towards the ends, Dad, Spencer, and Samantha worked on getting the cuts, Colton ground the meat, mom put the meat in the vacuum seal bags (towards the end freezer paper) and I sealed (towards the end, taped) and marked the bags. We now have a nice supply of meat in our freezer; steaks, back strap, roasts, ground and stew! It was so nice working as a family to get something done!
Also, Samantha and I finally got around to doing something we've wanted to do since we started milking goats.
When you're milking twice a day, milk starts to pile up...and more than once the old just kept getting pushed towards the back of the fridge, and then when we went to use it, YUCK! So what was our fix?
Chalkboard paint.
We painted the mason jar flats (the lids we use separate-flat and ring), with spray paint chalkboard paint. The spray paint is actually cheap, I can't remember how much, but I know it was less than $6. And it'll last forever; we painted five flats and barely used any paint (follow the instructions on the spray paint can, we had to put a primer-which we had on hand).
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