Monday, July 7, 2014

Kittens. Kittens everywhere.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day. I know I did! Visited family, ate delicious food (way to much of it. But hey, it's a celebration so calories don't count right?), had a potato sack race, played with sparklers and had a wonderful firework display. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing family.
We ran out of hay July 2nd...It was a holiday weekend. EVERYONE was out of town, didn't pick up, or was busy farming (since it was a three day sunny weekend)..They say that if you own an animals you'll have an emergency either at 3 am Saturday or on a Holiday.... 
We picked up expensive alfalfa cubes and four (very expensive) square bales from the feed store. We've been taking the goats and sheep into the yard and fields so they can graze on the abundance of weeds and grass...We finally were able to get into contact with someone, he was baling hay yesterday and today, and hopefully will at least have one round bale we can buy; we're waiting to hear back from him.
One of our barn cats went missing several weeks ago and she had a litter of young kittens, so we brought them in to see if another cat (who had two kittens in the corner of our kitchen!) would foster them, and if not, we'd have to bottle feed them. Thankfully, she took to them, and them to her!! 
Unfortunately, about three weeks ago, she stopped supplying milk (her teats were hard, dry and raw), so we've been bottle raising them. We moved them outside in a ferret cage in the garage. I've been putting them outside in a chicken tractor every morning and then at night putting them away. Once they're older they can go where they please, but they have a few more weeks before they can.
We discovered a cat that we thought had a miscarriage, actually had two kittens in the top of our garage...two days after we discovered them, they fell down a hole in the side of the garage attic, and we had to bust a hole in the wall on the first floor to get them out...they're currently in our bathroom.
So far this year, we've lost 5 kittens to unknown causes. I wish it didn't cost an arm and a leg to get cats fixed.
Our goats destroyed the duck yard, so there new yard is under construction...the ducks are enjoying their freedom, hopefully they don't fly away!!

Samantha and I finally got around to patching the pool, hopefully it hold and we can swim this summer!!! I love swimming, it's one of my favorite summer things!!
What are some of your favorite summer things?
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