Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Mix & Match Guide to Companion Planting, By Josie Jeffrey- Book Review

""With its unique split-page mix-and match system, The Mix & Match Guide to Companion Planting is a colorful visual gardening guide to which vegetables, fruits, and herbs grow best with one another, and which do not.
The age-old practice of companion planting is an effective way to create healthier, happier, more productive gardens simply by placing the right plants next to each other. It is an ingenious, all-natural method to control pests, disease, and weeds without the need for chemicals. With its unique split-page mix-and-match system, this colorful, visual guide makes it fast and easy for you to choose which vegetables, fruits, and herbs grow best with one another, and which do not. All you have to do is select your desired crop from the extensive plant directory, flip the strips, match the dots, and get ready for your vegetable garden to flourish!""

When I first started flipping through this book I was completely confused, the companion plant pages are split into thirds, so you have three rows of flip cards on a page (reminds me on those fun children books where you mix and match animals). But, upon actually reading the first pages, you know, the pages that explain how to use the book; it made perfect sense.
To use the book, you simply flip the middle card to your main crop you want to plant. The top and bottom cards have coded dots, you then flip the top and bottom cards to match the dots up to find the ideal companion plants.
The tops cards are companion plants that are benificial to your crops above ground needs. While the bottom cards will support the below ground needs.

This book explains the benefits of companion plants and why you might want to grow certain plants with others. And it's not just that they grow well together, there are nutritional requirements, beneficial insects, soil impovers and weed deterrent.
Mix & Match Guide is great for both those with experience and those just starting out.
I found myself having fun flipping through and finding the best matches for each plant!
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Blogging for Books provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

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