Monday, April 7, 2014

Babies everywhere!

Boy, I've been busy the past few weeks!
March 22nd, I went out that morning and discovered Evangeline had a lamb. And while I was out their, she had another. Two beautiful white ewe lambs
March 24th, We knew Coralina was going to kid, but it was a waiting game. We figured it'd be later in the evening. Samantha got back from a class and when to check on her (less than 20 minutes after I was out there) and she had two kids. Two little bucklings.
March 27th, Samantha went out to do chores that morning and discovered Naomi (a first timer) had a kid. When I went out to milk her, turns out she had had twins, and one slipped through the stall divider. An adorable doeling and buckling. Also, I took one of Evangeline's lambs to the vet, she had and entropion (an in-turned eyelid).
March 28th, A couple came and bought Caraline's twins.
March 29th, Samantha and I gave Evangeline's lambs their CDT shot and banded their tails.
March 31st, I knew Dorothy was going to kid. Towards the evening, she progressed quickly and while I was out their she had two cute bucklings.
April 1st, A couple came and bought Naomi's kids, this was my first time selling kids so I was sad to let them go...I had the vet out, I was worried Dorothy had retained a kid (she was acting off). Thankfully, everything checked out and after a dose of oxytocin, excenel and dexamethasone, she was acting like herself....While milking Dorothy Samantha and I were talking about Cinder, one of our ewes, and how she was going to lamb soon. Were in the middle of talking about how it'll be later-probably in the middle of the night-when Samantha turned and there in the stall was a lamb! That little stinker lambed right behind us! She ended up having twins! A white ram lamb and a black ewe lamb!
April 2nd, Cinder refuses to let her lambs nurse. They're crying, maaing for milk. Samantha's at school all day so I bottle feed them throughout the day. When she got home we tried to force her to let them nurse, the problem is the lambs come to me wanting the bottle, not even trying to kneel and nurse from their mom...
April 3rd, Samantha come home from school and at 3pm, since we refused to give them a bottle the night before or that morning (hoping they'd try to nurse, and that Cinder would give it) we head out determined to make Cinder let them nurse. We wrangled her into a corner,with her butt against the wall, I sat in front of her on a hay bale, Samantha knelt down and (using her head to hold Cinder against the wall) she forced a lamb down and guiding it to Cinders udder. After squirting the lambs with some of the milk, the lambs got it. We held Cinder still, so the lambs to empty her very full udder (we did both sides)....We go out later, figuring we'd have to force her another time or two before they all got the whole nursing thing. But thank goodness, the lambs and Cinder had it! Happy full bellied lambs!
Tomorrow, Samantha and I will be giving Cinder's lambs their CDT shots and banding their tails.

Now we only have two ewes and one doe left to have their babies!
We're so proud of Coraline and Naomi-especially Naomi who was bred, born and raised here-for having their first babies. They're milking like experienced milkers, standing so nicely!

I think that's all I have to update on...I'll upload pictures in the coming days.

 Gabrielle W. 

"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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