Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Dad

I wanted to write a blog about my dad. His 50th birthday was yesterday and I couldn't be more proud to call him my father...
First I want to share his amazing story of perseverance;
My dad, dreamed of being a magician, went to school to become a doctor, worked as a parametric, and then become police officer.
He worked as a police officer for 15+ years (I don't remember how many years). He lost his job at two (having 6-12 months unemployment between them) different police stations over the years because he refused to play politics-he doesn't care who you are; if you break the law you will be charged. I should also note that those 15 years, he worked mostly night shifts because the chief, who was only there during the day, hated him because he didn't play politics.
After being unemployed for over a year he became a volunteer police chief for a small township, after several months of putting the department together and patrolling the streets (for free mind you) they let him go.
Unemployed for another year, he became a security guard at a local theme park for the summer, he was let go because teen who was in trouble and when his grandmother came to pick him up, the teen shoved his grandmother and my dad grabbed him to control him and told him that that would not be allowed (the grandmother thanked my dad multiple times), but according to the theme park "you don't grab people."...unemployed once again for another year, my dad (who's just a class or two away from his Doctorate) started working as a insurance salesman (all on commission mind you), that insurance company changed and made it impossible to make any sales, so my dad, left and joined an independent insurance company.
Which is where he's at now, also, because of the new healthcare law coming into affect, my dad was hired on at some place that's suppose to help with the transition....

My dad, 50 years old, no retirement in sight (because the few years of unemployment, my dad had to take out his retirement fund to support his family), he (along with my mom of course) is my hero.
50 years and he still is trying to find where God wants him to be. After each bump, my dad didn't stay down, he didn't give up, he stood up and tried again. Whether or not he felt like giving up, I don't know, if he did feel like giving up I didn't see any signs of it!
When he was unemployed, everyday he was applying for jobs, one week it seemed like he applied for over 60 jobs A DAY!!
He held his head high and trusted in God...never showing his children signs of doubt.
He is such a strong amazing man, and I couldn't ask for a better dad!
During his time of unemployment I witnessed my dad strengthen his relationship with God. He started to pray more, go to church and make more time for God. Loosing his job was a blessing, it made my mom and dad realize how important God truly is.

When I think of my dad and all the times we shared, I'm am so thankful to know that his love is always there! He a giver, always wanting to help others....Words can't even begin to express just how much I love my dad. From the day he brought me home, he has done nothing but fill my life with love, encouragement, joy, and support. He's wiped away my tears and held me close even when I was covered in poison ivy.
I have so many fond memories of my dad;
-I remember him hugging me and asking me if I was OK (when I was 10) because I had cried all night about the only one person I thought was my friend become mean to me and no longer being my friend.
-He tried to surprise me with a kitten (when I was 9) by having me tag along as you dropped papers off for work. But the rescue we stopped at didn't have any kittens, so we waited a week and went to a local shelter where I found Princess.
-When I was 7, I remember holding his hand tight and hiding my face as we made out way through the entrance of the Haunted House ride at Kinds Island. And then, after a long hot day at the park, he'd let us climb onto the big blue van's hood, so we could lay back and watch the fireworks as we ate elephant ears.

It makes me so sad that my dad has worked so hard all his life and has nothing to show for dad has so many big hopes and dreams. He talks about someday owning a catamaran and sailing the sea, island hopping and just having an adventure (he's always reading boating/sailing magazines, he knows the exact time of catamaran he'd want and the first place he'd want to sail.) He talks about one day moving the the mountains and owning a large ranch, raising bison...He talks about going scuba diving, or the dream car/motorcycle he'd wants.
My siblings as I are always talking about how if we become rich what we'd buy our mom and dad. How we'd give them all the things they deserve...

I can only hope one dad my dads dreams will come true, and hey, I'd love to own a catamaran too.
I love you dad, happy birthday!
Gabrielle W.
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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