Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You might be a country girl if...

I wanted to put together a fun list of You Might be a Country Girl If....some of the things I'm going to list are questions I, and my sister, have been asked. We're not making fun of you dear friends (really, I love you guys and love when you want to learn, so please don't be afraid to ask questions), we just find it funny when people ask us question that we feel are so simple...I mean, when it comes to sports or cars, I'm the one asking the dumb with out further ado,

You might be a country girl if...
  • You have a pair of farm flip flops that you've accidentally wore at least once to the store. And the entire time you hoped that you weren't walking around smelling like the barns.... 
  • After taking off your bra you feel like an entire straw or hay bale fell out. 
  • You refer to you animals like children when talking to friends in public, and realize that people overhearing would be terribly confused and concerned, "Poor Tianna, everyone picks on her, she barely gets a chance to eat before they chase her... And they're always trying to bite her poor little ears! She's such a mama's girl though, she loves when I hold her." -FYI Tianna, she's a goat.
  • You've ever been asked to explain how breeding works with chickens, and after multiple times of going through the steps they say, "so the hen lays the egg and then the rooster comes along and fertilizes them."
  • Have been asked, "So, can you milk a boy goat?" No, the answer is no, you can not milk a boy goat.
  • Ever wonder how you end up with hay or straw in your panties.
  • Stepped into a chicken coop and felt like you were in the movie Birds, as every hen decided to jump of the perch and fly towards you all at once.
  • Have been asked, "What do you do with the goat milk? Eew, you drink it?!"
  • You get really annoyed at wanna be's. The girls who have no desire and will avoid doing any sort of work outdoors. But because they listen to country music, drive a truck and wear cowboy boots they think that they are totally country. 
  • You also get really annoyed at people who think you're NOT country just because you like wearing dresses.
  • You give the evil eye to people who say horseback riding is easy and isn't a sport.
  • People look at you like you're an evil person when you tell them you raise your own meat chickens (even though they buy and eat chicken from the store).
  • You've ever received muck boots for a gift and was thrilled about it. 
  • You spent more on medicine and first aid for you animals than yourself.
  • The workers at TSC recognize you.
  • You choose bright, thick nail polish to hide the dirt under your nails...if your nails are even long enough to have dirt stuck under.
  • You see brown ick on your new shirt or jeans and get excited it was only mud.
  • You find twine in what seems like all your pockets.
  • Your closet has nice clothing you only wear when leaving the farm.
  • Some how your nice jeans end up with grain in the pockets.
  • Ended up with a goat hoof in you bra.
  • Realize you made a big mistake of wearing flip flops to the barn when a horse steps on your foot, yet you wear them again the next day.
  • You know what I mean by, the sweet smell and the soft hair of a baby goat. 
  • You love the peeping sound of ducklings and chicks.
  • Unfortunately your natural "perfume" is the smell of your farm (I  feel sorry for you hog farmers). Hence why you always say, "let me shower first."
  • You can recognize the smell of vitamin B and know that it's hard to get the smell off your hands.
  • You say "I'm going to worm the goats," knowing it's not the proper term.
  • You don't get embarrassed when animals "get busy", and you roll your eyes and find people who giggle or comment about it immature. 
  • Before you even have a real baby, you're already experienced in waking up every 4 hours to bottle feed a kid. 
Have more to add? Please feel free to comment and share!!!
Gabrielle W.
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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