Sunday, May 5, 2013

For Women Only: Revised and Updated Addition

I read the first version of this book (and loved it) and then received this revised and updated version through Waterbrook Multnomah publishing...
This book serious-For Women/Men only-I feel should be a must read for all couple.

As the 'For Women Only' book says; if you're looking for a male bashing book, look else where.
After lots of surveys and interviews with male friends, her own own husband and random males she had a chance to talk to; Shaunti really did put a lot of work into this book (unlike others who just write a book based off of what they've learned.)
Through the book she reveals her own discoveries and most of the time she's shocked at what she learns.
I once left (the original book) on the kitchen table and my older brother started reading it and was shocked at how accurate it was (over time he ended up reading the entire For Women Only-and asked me if there was a For Men Only).
Ladies, if you're not open to learn that the man in your life is different than you; the way he thinks, feels, reacts and how the way you react and the things you say affect him. Don't bother reading this book. This isn't a book on how to change your man; it's a book about how to become a better wife/girlfriend, and (even some parts) sister and daughter.

I could read this book at least once a year and always read something that makes me think about the way I handle things, and how I could better myself.
Now; I'm sure that there are men out there that disagree with some of the things said in this book. But as the book says, it's the average male (like on average most males agree with the surveys.)

In summery, I love this book and I'm really glad I have it on my bookshelf.

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