Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A beautiful day

Today is a beautiful day! I really do appreciate nice days during the winter months! It gives you a chance to catch up on things around the farm. I'm hoping to get the sheep stall done today, but I need help here and there so, we'll see about that.

Duck, yesterday and the day before we've had incidents with our ducks.
The first, ok, I should give a little background. The ducks pen door, at the bottom, the wire was rusted and broke at some point this winter. Our ducks could care less about escaping so, we, well, were lazy and since the ducks door in IN the chickens pen, we never fixed it...so, one morning I go out and half of our chicken flock is in with the ducks! And they didn't want to leave! The chicken pen has a few holes in the roof so I didn't want to risk chasing the call ducks, who can fly, out of their pen...after bribing a few with corn, I then carefully removed each remaining chicken.
Then yesterday morning I go out to do chores and Annaliese (one of our runner ducks) is standing right next to the fence with her head down in the mud (ducks love to forage and will often stick their heads into mud to search for insects). But as I walk by and the other ducks walk away, she remains, just standing there not moving. Upon a closer look I realize she has her head stuck level with (thankfully not in) the ground in the fence! I rushed in and thankfully she didn't freak out (I was so worried she'd break her own neck) as I helped pull her head out of the fence...

We lost another barn cat to a car. And a week or so ago, Afroman died-we're not sure how, but part of his head was eaten on (we wondering is he died and a barn cat-they get into the coop sometimes, but they don't bother the chickens- took a bite because he was dead). And then a few days ago, I went out and there was a opossum, curled up next to our hay, dead...

Please pray our ewes are bred...we still have Perseus in with them (we just haven't gotten around to removing him), we put them in together in November 1st, so we'll have to start watching April for lambs...our does aren't bred, those little stinkers, they never went into heat! Oh, and Fubar is back to health. praise God!

I'm so looking forward to spring. I keep praying this year will be different and that my dad will find a job and my older brother figures out what he should do....Hopefully this year will be different in a good way for once. So far, the only for sure good thing, is Remington getting married. I'm excited to have another sister. She really does fit in with my family!

Gabrielle W.
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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