Friday, January 4, 2013

Sick Buck

About a week ago we trimmed Fubar's hooves and discovered that he was extremely under weight. He's a very hairy goat, and looked to be in good health, especially since all the other goats he shares his pen with are fat.
I feel awful, I know you shouldn't go by looks, I just assumed (I know, I'm an idiot)....
And the next day when I went out he had really bad diarrhea (he is utd on being dewormed- and because he had the runs, he could get any grain to help him gain weight).
Then the following morning, I went out and he was laying down (like normal, it's cold, who wants to get out of a warm bed before they have to). But then, after feeding the horses he still wasn't getting up, he seemed alert and other wise fine, when I brought a handful of hay to him he chowed down. He tried to get up, and I tried to help, but to no avail...He was shivering, Fubar has never been good with cold, in fact he shiver a lot.

These past two weeks the weather's made a turn for the worse, cold and windy, and to add to that the door that opens to the outside world, has the cold winter winds blowing right into the barn.

So, to make sure he stayed nice and warm, I hooked up two heat lamps, made sure that they'd have hay 24/7, and then (I know I should of called the vet, but I'm out of work so money's really tight...If I had to, yes, I would of called the vet. I'm not going to make my baby suffer just to spare my wallet.) I posted my problem on a goat forum,The Goat Spot, (a wonderful goat community filled with experienced goat people-I post all my goat related questions there!). When I went out later he was standing, but still, not good...
Oh, I should add that he (along with all the boys) escaped the pen (aka, I forgot to latch the gate) a day or two before this and he got into the feed room where there were several bags of moldy corn and some good corn, so I don't know if he ate any bad corn (with there being good corn I doubt he ate any bad)...

At the advice of several people, I went out and bought a C&D antitoxin shot, a vitamin b injection and some pepto-like stuff (I bought a gallon of anti-diarrhea medication at a feed store-way cheaper that pepto), and I bought more electrolyte stuff (known as goat Gatorade in my house) to add to his water.

So, two nights ago my dad, with Samantha's help (I don't do shots, I stood near by, not watching, I helped by taking the used syringes), Fubar got 10 ml of the antitoxin and 6 ml of the vit b....Samantha and I gave him a dose of pepto. Gave him warm water, (which is another story, our furnace is out and because it's out we have to heat or hot water. We're using kerosene heaters to heat the rooms and we have to boil water on the stove for baths-so to give the goats warm water I have to boil water first.), with goat Gatorade in it and prayed for the best.
Yesterday morning I went out and he was laying down, I brought hay to him, and when I went out to check on him later, he was still laying down, and by the evening he was still down. So, Samantha and I knew we needed to get him standing. We decided to try to lure him so we offered a little grain, and boy he wanted it, he just couldn't get up (he really didn't try). Samantha and I helped him up, after holding him up for a little he finally stood on his own legs, but when he went to take a step he kind of fell, we caught him and then he was fine-just walking a little stiff.
We gave him more pepto, wormed him again and gave him some grain, and let me tell you, he went potty and it was firm-ish (paste like, meaning it didn't stick to him, it fell like it should) Samantha and I did a happy dance, what a good sign!
Then, this morning I went out, he stayed laying down as I fed the horses, where I discovered that a salt block holder had gotten knocked out of the tack room and Titus has it stuck on his back hoof (yeah, who knew that was possible).
So, I had to go back inside and get dad to help me get it off. We tried cutting it, but that didn't work, but my dad managed to bend it enough to slip it off. I finished haying the horses and Fubar was still laying down, so I decided to see what he'd do if I offered grain, I got a handful and by the time I was back in the stall, he was standing all on his own!!!!
I was so excited, I was giving myself a high five!! We gave him more pepto this evening, and a little more grain, so far it looks like the diarrhea is gone and he's feeling better!

Whoever said, "what you don't know can't hurt you," was a complete and total moron. Not knowing is the worst feeling in the world.
For, what, three days I thought I was going to loose Fubar, every time I went to check on him I didn't know if he was going to be alive or not.
But, my spirits are lifting, as I said, he stood up with out any aid today!!!
Your Country Rose,
Gabrielle W.
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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