Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh, October

It's October once again, another cycle of the year has brought fall back to us. Pumpkins, candy corn, and hot apple cider. Fallen leaves, crisp air and big comfy sweaters.
October for me brings work. I have a before November to-do list which contains 20 things to do, none of which are quick and easy.
October also brings a 11 hour work day on Saturday and a 6 hour work day on Sunday. I've also been called in throughout the week to help make some of the goodies (I work in a kitchen).
My sister and I spent three days these past two weeks pricing a bunch of pumpkins. One day it took us 5 hours to price all the huge pumpkins, average weight being 45lbs.

A week ago my sister and I went bridesmaid dress shopping with our soon to be sister-in-law, Shea (Remington is getting married May 18th). And though I had a lot of fun, I will not use David's Bridal..I have a story to tell.
Jumping right into the story;
The style of dress Shea was looking at only had the sizes 12, 8, 6, and 2. I thought I would be a 10, so just to decided if I would like the style I tried on a 12, which was way to big.
The consultant helping us clipped my dress (so I didn't have to hold it up) and said, "You definitely a 10, I've gotten good at judging."
So she marked me down for a size 10...Shea needed us to try on other dresses (for other members of the bridal party), so I grabbed a size 10.
After putting it on, the size 10 was still to big, so I decided to grab the size 8 (in the bridesmaid dress style I would be wearing) and try it on. It fit perfectly!! The only thing was it gave me a little armpit fat, strapless dress fat, arm pit chubs, whatever you want to call it. But there was no helping it, I have a little arm pit chub even if I wasn't wearing that dress.
Well, the "consultant" came back around and I told her that I wasn't a size 10 I was a size 8, and this is what she said/did.
She tilts her head and puts her pen to her cheek, "It's to tight. See how it's giving you this chub," she then walks up to me and pokes the chub, "the dress is to tight and it's giving you unnecessary fat...And you're not fat, I can tell you're active."
I should note at this point that David's Bridal is set up like a department store. The changing rooms are in one corner all facing each other and there are mirrors of the outside of the doors so your reflection is everywhere. Also there was another bridal party there (4 women), two other bridesmaids from Shea's groups, a man sitting in a chair waiting for his wife (who was trying on special even dresses) and not to mention the three other workers all in the changing room area hearing her say this. 
So I look at her and say, "The size 10 is to big, it does not fit, the size 8 fits perfect."
"Well, see the dress when you order it can be up to 1/2 inch tighter."
"The size 10 is to loose, I would constantly be adjusting it."
"I'm just worried it'll be even tighter when you order the dress."
"The size 10 does not fit."
"But if you were to order the size 8 and it not fit, if the dress is no longer made you're stuck."
"Ok, but the size 10 is way to loose. It does not fit."
"If you get the size 8 dress and it's to tight we can't do any alterations. You're stuck."
"I can't wear a size 10, it's to loose."
"The dresses here have been tried on hundreds of time and have been stretched..."
"The size 8 fits fine."
Shea speaks up and says, "Well, can't she just put the dress on and move around a little bit to stretch it out some?"
"Well, yeah you could pop a seam that way but I wouldn't recommend it..."
(Notice how she said the ones in the store have been stretched but if I do it I could pop a seam.-I should also add at this point that Samantha is in a size 6 and it fits her beautifully, and all our lives I've always been one size bigger.)
I'm getting very upset and was ready to cry at this point (it was so embarrassing!).
"The size 10 is to tight, the size 8 fits. If I wore a size 10 I would constantly be adjusting it. The size 10 is to loose. I can not wear a size 10. The 8 fits perfectly. The size 10 is to big!"
"Well, OK, I can only suggest what's best...just know that if you get the size 8 and it's to tight and the dress style is no longer made, you're stuck....I mean, your spending the money so...I'll put you down for an 8..."

After this all happened I tried on more size 8 dresses and all of them fit better (less chub) than the first size 8, so I'm wondering if that dress was newer and so it was tighter giving me (even more) armpit chub.....

I kid you not. I'm not exaggerating anything. So yeah, if you're not looking for an experience and there's a dress you like there, go for it...but if you want the experience, and don't want to feel like you're shopping at a department store I would avoid Davids Bridal...
Your Country Rose,
Gabrielle W.
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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