Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas Trees

So; the title may seem strange since Christmas is long past and it's January 18th; I meant to post this sooner but I got distracted...
Christmas is over and the decorations are taken down; now, what to do with that Christmas tree...why give it to your goats of course!! Not only do (at least our goats) act like the pine needles are crack; but they'll also strip off and eat all the bark. Pine is also a natural dewormer. Because we have two bred does I double checked and there is no danger to bred does. And even though our does aren't milking I checked and it shouldn't affect the milk.
I'm talking about the Christmas tree type -firs and whatnot; and from what I read, actual true pine trees can cause abortions in pregnant ruminants, this includes goats sheep and I'm not sure what a 'true' pine tree looks like but right now I'm just sticking with my Christmas tree. Pine trees are high in vitamin C; so there's another perk.
Also; we cut our own tree so be careful with the pre-cut trees; many trees are sprayed with a chemical to keep them fresher and greener once they are cut and I read a story about a women's goat heard that got sick because of it...also if you use those 'icicles'; I wouldn't risk feeding the tree to your goats; just like with cats and dogs you don't want your goats eat that.

Our goats went crazy when we put the tree in there pen; and even the sheep go in on it. Now the skeleton on a Christmas tree sits in their yard waiting to be brought to the fire pile.

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