Monday, October 3, 2011


Ah, October, how your crisp fall mornings make me want to bury myself deeper into my covers. And how you beautiful fall colors make me wish I was great at painting...the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet; the crisp air; the wild animals are heading south or finishing up hiding food for the winter months.
As I have stated many times before; I don't mind fall like me; it's time to prepare for a few months of rest. A time to watch those movies; or play those games. A time to finally get together with family and friends. A time to crochet or bake cookies....fall time leads to winter time; which to me; winter time is family time.

I don't mind Halloween...I think adults came up with it just so they could have a reason to play dress up again...the one thing I hate about it is how people will focus on death and's just...creepy and wrong to me...why are you celebrating a holiday that 'worships' those things? Now; you can do witches and ghosts...goblins and zombies...but...draw a line people!! I don't have a problem with people decorating there homes to be scary; spider webs, mummies, gravestones...go ahead and decorate scary; but again, draw a line!!!

This week is a bit strange. Saturday it was in the 50's and slowly through this week it's warming up and by next Saturday it'll be almost 80! Crazy weather!!!

Samantha and I are getting ready to look for a baby doll ram to breed our ewes to...that's going to be an experience!
Let's see here....we're looking at the calender figuring out when to breed the does...we're thing of breeding Annabell any day now; so she'll be due in March....and then we'll breed Dorothy next month so she'll be due in April...that's the plan, so, we'll see how it plays out.
It's a nice day today so I'm gonna try to get some things done outside.
I've made a ginormous to-do list before winter; I'll try to get those things done this week, (I'll post the big to-do list at the end of my blog).
Samantha and I are planning on going to the Ohio National Poultry Show in November- not to show; just to look around and have fun and shop (breeders are there selling ducks, chick...well, poultry. Along with equipment-cages, feeders, wormers, etc.). We're really excited to go; this is where we got our Call Ducks from. We've invited friends to come with us....not sure if they'll be able to make it yet or not...
Alright, now time for my to-do list...
  • Muck out does stall-add fresh bedding
  • Muck out bucks stall-add fresh bedding
  • Muck out chicken coop-add fresh bedding
  • Clean all the comb-webs out of goat stalls and chicken coops
  • Clean and hook up the heat lamps
  • Build a duck house
  • (I can't do this, my dad and brothers have to) Fix the bare spot on the animal barn roof
  • Muck out horse barn
  • Clear the path for the horse barn door;  so we can close it
  • Fix horse fencing
  • Put up hay rack in 'kids'/sheep stall
  • Put up hay rack in bucks stall
  • Clean tack room
  • Put up plastic over two broken windows in horse barn
  • Make a gate to block Fubar and Snafu from the horse hay
  • Finish cleaning up garden
  • Mow yard one last time
  • Weed-whack fence row one last time
  • Weed flower beds one last time
Alright...I think that's all for the out side of the home; time for the inside....
  • Dust from top to bottom in kitchen
  • Dust from top to bottom in living room
  • Dust from top to bottom in my bedroom
  • Sweep and really mop the kitchen floor
  • Sweep and really mop the living room floor
  • Sweep and really mop my bedroom floor
  • Clean kitchen fan blades
  • Clean living fan blades
  • Clean my bedroom fan blades
  • Clean out and orginize my closet
...that's all I can think of for; I hope you have a wonderful day everyone!

Gabrielle W.
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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