Monday, August 15, 2011

When nice weather rolls in, it's time to get things done!

Since getting back from TN, I've been very busy. First; the usual, mowing and gardening...did I mention moving the ducks to a tractor in the garden? No? Yes? Well, either way, that's what I cleaned up where the ducks use to be living and dad finished putting up the frame for the pen. I then had to piece together a bunch of old chicken wire, a bunch of old plastic fencing, to use to fence in that area. We had to pull up fencing that had been buried in the ground to use. After we found fencing, I fenced the roof, and all the sides but one. I then moved the electric fencing so the goats could get in there and eat down the tall weeds...we let them stay in there for two days, with Samantha helping, we then finished putting up the wire, and re-did the electric fencing.

This is what the run looks like before and after
Now there are only two small holes in the roof we need to fix before we let the ducks in there. Right now we have it opened up so the chickens can go in that side.
Since we have both the stalls fixed in the animal barn (where the chickens, sheep and female goats stay), we could now muck out the front area, that was used for a stall...this area was packed soiled straw and hay; a good one to two feet of ick deep and the area was a ten foot by 8 foot area, oh, what fun! Some how, I ended up cleaning the entire thing by myself...but I did it, now it's all clean.
Handsome with his 'teenage' beard
One of the three barn kittens
Me and Fubar

Me with Snafu


Samantha rewarding Tayla
As I said above; the past couple days have been beautiful! Yesterday was around 78, wonderful! So, we've taken advantage of it and have been working and riding the horses a lot! How I've missed riding horses!! I'm working with Galahad-refreshing him in the ways of being ridden; Samantha is going the same with Tayla. Quartermaine is our best horse!! Mom doesn't know how to ride so, Samantha and I have been giving her lessons on him. Mainly working on her confidence on horseback.
Coraline and Handsome being naughty!

Dorothy with one of the barn kittens
The barn kittens are growing up; isn't he cute! Of the three, one is a boy, and he's our favorite. None of them like to be held, but the boy isn't as skittish and he's more tolerant of the fact that, kittens are adorable and every time we see them we want to hold them. The one pictured below is the most wild of the three.
Naomi has been very lovey dovey lately, which of course, I love! It makes you feel so good and loved when an animals WANTS to be with you, and WANTS you to love on it....
Me and Naomi
Oh, we sold the rest of the ducklings the other day! We now have the three original ducks and the four ducklings we hatched in the incubator. I'm really excited to get the duck pen done so the ducks can have more room. And, also, so I can try to handle them more and make them a little less flighty.   
Quartermaine and Tayla
Well....I think you're all caught up now......oh, I'll tell you about our's not doing to well....We have lots of squash and zucchini and we're getting some green beans; but; we're having trouble with everything else. We planted our tomatoes from seed; and boy; they grew great!! We have a ton of plants! And they all have blooms on them, and some have small green tomatoes...but we have yet to harvest any.
We were looking at the corn plot yesterday, and this huge plot has nice sized stalks, but almost all of them are missed there ears of corn...we have no clue what happened to them....
Moms thinking about not really having a garden next year. Which I see her point; we put in all this time planting, and most of our summer is spend mowing, weed eating, and pulling weeds...not to mention the money spend on seeds.

Gabrielle W.
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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