Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shopping Day (Road Trip Part 6)

Ah, shopping. What girl doesn't enjoy some form of it. Samantha and I were on a tight budget, since we had to spend more to go on the trip; but we still had a load of fun sight seeing and window shopping (plus, Gatlinburg is a tourist town so EVERYTHING was over priced). 

I wanted to find a t-shirt that I would wear a lot; there was a lot of the usually t's with bears on them, or TN on them...but I wanted something different...and then I saw this t-shirt (see below), this picture in the back on the t-shirt. The front (which I couldn't find a picture of), has a boot print and says "get off the couch, hike the smokies". This is how I live my life; yeah, something could go wrong; but something could go wrong at home too.
Google Image
 I'm a sap for doggy clothing- yes, I'm one of those girls who buys shirts, coats, sweaters and dresses for my dogs. I dress them gender appropriate though (you won't see a dress on Mushu, only on Josephina). Well, I saw this dress and just had to get it (the picture is the picture on the tag-that's not Josephina in the dress.)
Google Image
After our day of shopping we headed back to the hotel and swam. We then got our showers and headed back out to do more window shopping and walking around. This will be our last night in Tennessee. We leave the next day; but before we do we have a few more things to do- stay tuned.

I would of had all my Road Trip posts done by now, but our Internet went out and then the computer wasn't letting my upload picture, tomorrow should be my last post about the road trip. ..and boy, I have a lot to tell you about what's be getting done around the farm!!!
Gabrielle W.
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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