Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 9th-16th Clinton County Fair 2011

Wow- this was a very busy week for us!
Samantha had a great last year of fair! In addition to the shows, Samantha had to go twice a day to milk Annabell and to feed the animals. She was also on the Jr. Fair Board this year and so helped out around fair.
Most shows lasted a good 4-5 hours; and Samantha was usually one of the last to show (or when showmanship was last) one of the first, so either way we had to stay till the end.
July 9th-Drop animals off around 8am.
July 10th-3:00 pm Market Chicken Show. Though it was poorly run (by placing showmanship last) and we were there all day (didn't leave till 11:30pm) , Samantha didn't place with her market bird, but she went on and got 1st place out of 16 for Market Chicken Senior Showmanship!
July 11th-2:30pm Sheep Show. In Sheep Senior Showmanship she place 3rd out of 5. And our baby doll sheep went on and got 1st and 2nd in their class, and our 1st place winner got Grand Champion of her class.
July 12th-1:30pm Goat Show-Samantha was sick (so no showmanship) but thankfully our friend Shelby showed Annabell and Gemma. Annabell got 2nd out of 4 and Gemma got 6th out of 9. Annabell went on to win Reserve Champion Dairy Doe!--in addition to fair, we got in 40 round bales this day, Samantha went to fair early to get her goats ready (when we got there we sent her home cause she was sick) mom and I moved square bales to a different barn, and moved a large stack on dry wall to a different barn to make room for the round bales.
July 13th-Picked up market chickens before 8am. Dropped off Fancy chickens at 5:50pm.
July 14th-A day off! We went towards the evening and watched the truck and tractor pull!
July15th-9:00 am Fancy Poultry Show. Placed 1st in poster contest. Senior Showmanship she got 5th out of 10(ish). Annie (our ancona) got 2nd out of 4. Little Red Hen (our Rhode island red hen) got 4th out of 12. And Samanthas white americana rooster (named Walt Disney) got 4 out of 4. Was there late and stayed to watch tractor pulls.
July16th-Last Day of Fair. Went at 8am to pick up sheep and goats. Went back to fair at 2:30-3ish for Samantha to auction her market chicken; got $100 for it (sounds like a lot for a bird, but someone got 1,500 for theirs). Then brought the fancy chickens home.

Before fair kids have to do something call 'skillathon' which tests there knowledge on whatever animal they're planning on showing (you have to do skillathon if you want to show, you don't have to place to show though). Samantha got 3rd in Goats, 4th in Sheep, and 3rd in Fancy Chicken Skillathon.

GREAT JOB Samantha! You're hard work paid off!!! I'm so happy you had such a great last year in fair!!!
Now it's on to college for you!

Gabrielle W.
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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