Thursday, March 10, 2011

You never know when you'll be caught off guard

We were not ready for this...she was giving no signs....

Tuesday, my friends came over for our weekly sign language class. We talked and joked, and in doing so they stayed later than they normally do (they left about 9:30 p.m.). So being late to do chores already, Samantha and I decided to go ahead and wash our hair, by the time we got outside it was 10 o'clock. It was cold and had rained all day and was still raining, and having to wade through water (which I must add, both my much boots have very bad leaks in them) makes doing chores a lot harder and longer.
We fed the horses, Samantha put her chickens away, we gave the ducks more feed and got hay for the goats (currently the hay for the goats is stored in the horse barn).
With my arms full of hay flakes, Samantha carrying the water jug, her flash light and milking pail, we made our way to the goat barn. Samantha a few steps behind me.
We get in the goat barn, I flip the light switch and wade through the sea of goats and sheep to a clear area to set the hay down.
Upon reaching that spot I heard a cry, and I thought, 'huh, I never heard that barn cat make that sound'.
So I scan the flashlight, thinking maybe it's stuck, I scan into the dark corners, I scan to the right, passing over Dorothy in a corner, then I scan to the left, passing Dorothy again, and then my flash light flew back to Dorothy.
There on the ground was a very, very, tiny kid.
I remember yelling (Samantha said it was a 'oh, no' voice with a hint of panic) "Samantha she kidded early."

Dorothy had kidded a week early. I was planning on worming her this week, I was planning on adding fresh straw to their nearly empty stall. I was just thinking that I'll have to start watching her the 12th as she was due the 15th.

I went to the back of the stall, and upon approach I thought the kid was dead (fear and adrenalin rushed through my body), next to the kid was an aborted fetus-which looked almost mummified and one of it's back legs looks like it was growing in the wrong spot.
The kid was laying completely flat, and was completely dry, I knelt down and saw the little chest rising, and with that, mommy-mode kicked in.
Very carefully I pick the kid up, even though it was dry (except for the legs) the body was so cold. And with being so small, I was terrified it wouldn't make it.

Samantha tells me to go inside and she'll finish chores. As I head to the barn door, I almost have a panic attack. I guess the adrenaline mixed with worry was a bad combo. I took a breath and headed back to the house.
Hunching over the kid trying to keep it both warm and out of the rain, I walked as quickly as I could. The kid maa'ed a few times, which gave me hope.
I ran inside and went in search for more hands to help me. I entered the living room and mom and dad were watching a movie. I know it's silly but I hated having to interrupt them.
All I said was, "She kidded early." Like a flash they both were standing, mom handing me a blanket to wrap the kid in.
Samantha came in shortly after, chores weren't done yet, but she had milked Dorothy, trying to get the colostrum, but Dorothy didn't bag up at all, and the 1/2-3/4 a cup of liquid she milked out was watery looking,
not thick and yellow like colostrum was suppose to be. Thankfully I had bought powder colostrum, as a just in case thing.
The kid wasn't interested in eating, but after a while we finally got her to eat. The nipple is almost to big for her, so she easily gets tired trying to suckle, so I feed her a little every two hours-lots of work but I don't mind, this is what do. She takes the bottle a lot better now.
The kid is a beautiful doeling with elf ears, just like her mama. She's black with gray peppering on her body and white ears and nose. She has brown legs and brown 'eye brows'.

Even though she's only a week early (kids can be born 10 days early and live) she's extremely small.
When she pulls a Bambi, she can't get up on her own.
Google Image
She can slowly walk, and can barley stand and lay down on her own. But she's getting stronger.

Dorothy is doing OK. She has yet to bag up, and has yet to pass the afterbirth. After school today, Samantha picked up a antibiotic shot (Amox) from the vet for me to give Dorothy, well, for dad to give Dorothy. She did really well with the shot today, just ignored the fact dad was giving it to her and kept on eating, lets hope it goes as nicely the next three days. With the shot, in 4-5 days she'll expel the afterbirth.

With all the special care this little girl needs, and all the bonding I'm doing with her, I think I may keep her.

Your Country Rose,
Gabrielle W.
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24


  1. Oh goodness! This is such a happy/sad story all in one! I really was laughing and crying all at once. If you want to you can bring her with you for sign class!! :)
    And if you find you can't keep her..... ;) I'm a good mama!!! LOL
    But that's just a thought.(hopeful one if that.)
    I'm happy that she is doing well. Maybe next time Little Chick and I wont stay so long. LOL See you Tuesday!
    Love Your sister in Christ, and soul,

  2. I don't mind you guys staying late; it was fun! I just didn't like Dorothy's surprise. And I most likely will bring her to class.