Sunday, February 27, 2011

Responsible Ownership

Responsible Definition: Liable to be required to give account, as of one's actions or of the discharge of a duty or trust. Personal accountability.
Ownership Definition: The state or fact of being an owner. Legal right to the possession of a thing.

I get so tired of dealing with stay or abandoned dogs. It's not the dog I'm mad at either. In fact, watching me interact with a strange dog you'd think I love being an animal 'rescuer'.
When people adopt a pet they need to be thinking, "this is a life long decision and it's not one to made lightly. Dogs live at least 15 years, and cats the same. And horses live to be in there thirties." But instead they get the cute small puppy for a Christmas gift and come February the puppy is not longer cute, new, and small, so they get rid of it. Or they breed there mare because they want a cute foal, but after a few months they really do not want another month to feed so they get rid of it.
If the animal is lucky the 'owner' will try to re home it, or even take it to the pound (yes the pound)...But unfortunately the so called 'owner' will either chain the dog outside, or leave the horse is a shelter less field. Leave the animals to take care of themselves, making the animal suffer for there selfish thought that 'this is better than the pound,' never playing the dog and remembering to feed the animal ever other day or so.
Or, which happens a lot, the person will take the dog to a farm, thinking the farmer has lots of barns and land that they can afford the dog. So they dump the dog, the puppy, the kitten or the cat. Leaving others to clean up there irresponsible mess.
Dropping a dog off, if someone it lucky enough to catch it, the dog still goes to the pound.
But usually, the dog wanders off, starving to death, getting hit by a car or killed by other packs of stray dogs (or even coyotes or wolves.)

You don't have to be able to afford their yearly shots (none of our dogs, cats, goats, or horses are up to date on shots; though we'd love to be able to afford to get some of the shots). But, when an animal is seriously sick or injured, we take it to the vet-Responsible Ownership!

Think long and hard before getting a dog, research dog breeds, if you're not an active person don't get a German Shepherd and if you want a jogging companion dog get a bull dog. If you want an apartment dog a great Dane may not be your best choice.
I will say this, mix breed dogs tend to have the best health and temperament trust me, we have 8 dogs of the eight 5 are 'purebred'.

Here are some REAL excuses people have used when dropping a dog off at the pound.
"We're moving and we can not take the dog/cat with us." Really?
"The dog got bigger than we thought it would." How big did you think a St. Bernard would get?
"We don't have time for her." I have 8 dogs plus a menagerie of farm animals and all the animals get a ton of attention.
"She's tearing up the yard." Train her, play with her, digging is a sign of boredom.
"I can't afford her," Then why did you get her in the first place?
"I lost my job," well, cancel satellite and trade in your 2011 car for a older one.
A mom telling her son, "I told you I'd get rid of the dog if you didn't clean your room."
"It just won't listen," it was a 12 week old puppy.
And the winner is,
"She doesn't match my new carpet."
Shelter workers know all of these equal, I just don't want him, so why lie? Just admit you don't want it!

Check out this link for breed information-great dog breed information.
Your Country Rose,
Gabrielle W.
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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