Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hahaha, busy, busy, busy....

Yesterday went like this....Cooking chicken, canning corn, boiling corn on the cob, stove catching on fire, kitchen filling w/ smoke, me yelling at Sammy, Sammy yelling at Spencer, Spencer trying to smother the fire, smothering doesn't work, all 5 kids looking for the extinguisher, Spencer finds extinguisher, Spencer using the powder extinguisher, kitchen even more smokey, dogs freaking out, stove a complete mess, who wants to tell mom?
Fun huh? It was a grease fire. Mom understood.

Today I spent my day canning more corn (we have 15 quarts right now w/ more to come). I also deboned and canned three things of shredded chicken and three things of chicken broth. It was a longs day, BUT I enjoyed every bit of it! It was fun, I had fun!! Can't I get paid for doing this? I enjoy doing things like that! Tilling, planting, weeding, watering, weeding, watering, weeding, harvesting, canning, harvesting canning, canning, freezing, canning..... I love it!! I just get so much satisfaction doing it!
I also trimmer Fubar and Snafu's over grown hooves...I kept putting it off and man, were they bad (teaches me to put someting off) it went like this...I needed to bring the boys over to the girls area where the milking stand was, so I had to put away all the goats and sheep....done, phew, next, walk the boys over the the other field.I open the gate and lead Snafu, Fubar takes off to an over grow weed filled area, I'm like whatever, I'll be back for you just don't run towards the road. So, Snafu is in the field, Fubar time. I walk towards Fubar, he takes off......I finally catch up to him as he gorges on one of our trees, I pry him off (he's a big buck) lead him towards the gate and he goes in, get Snafu onto the milking stand....yeah......well, after struggleing with the muscle covered heavy goat, I win. Yeah! I go to latch the head holder thingy....his neck is to big, it barely latches- making him un-happy.....but he throws his tantrum as I clip his hooves.....done.
Next up? Fubar...needless to say it's a struggle, I told him to get his 'Sticky Buck (yes buck, get it, haha) up there on the stand' .
 But, again, I win.....but his neck is WAY to big and I have to squish it close (it was tight but not, 'you're killing him' tight) I'm trimming his hooves, he's not of his back hooves had a rock stuck in it, it must have been there a while because the hoof had grow around it and enclosed it (I felt bad).Haha, so I go inside the barn to get a handful of grain as a treat for Fubar and Fubar is alone out side, he freaks out, maa, maaaa, maaaaa! He's a scardy buck- he has seperation anxiety, he hates being alone.

Not much going on....
.....Three weeks ago we notice diarreha in our goat field, it took a week for us to figure out who it was, Naomi my four moth old we wormed her (along with the rest of the herd), and two weeks later she still has it (Oh, I went t our local PBS animals health store and picked up some high calorie high energy supplements for her to help her gain her weight back-she lost a alot of weight) so I took her to the vet.
The vet took her temp. slight fever. took a sample of her....droppings. And took them inside and did a fecal float/smear. she was hoping that is was....coccidiosis (I think thats what she said).....but it wasn't.,.....what she found was strange. She said she found some trichomonas bacteria in her droppings.....she said that it's mostly found in dogs and cats.......strange huh...she gave me two med. to give her, one is a anti. diarrhea tablet that I crush and give to her twice a day, the other is something to treat the trichomonas....with the meds the vet said it should clear up in eight days (if not she said there are other treatments) ....she said there was only a small amount of the virus/bacteria so hopefully Naomi will gett better soon.....She seems more lively already...please pray for her!! I love her so much and can't imagine loosing her!

We're keeping Annabells baby. Samanthas working on a name...

Gabrielle W.
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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