Sunday, May 9, 2010

Animals on our Farm

You know how my very first blog I listed all of the animals we have on this farm? Well, it's been a while and I thought it would be fun to make the list again; the list has grown!!!!
Where should I start? Hmmm........Indoor animals?
Buddy; Collie (male) ---drop off
Mushu; Papillon (male)
Zorro; mini-dachshund (male)
Izobell; Lewellin Setter (female)
Smudge; Jack Russel (male)
Tito; chihuahua/corgi (male) ---drop off
Chance; pitt bull/boxer (male) ---drop off
Denmark; Lab/maybe a mix (male) ---drop off
Don't ask me how we ended up with eight dogs and only one of them being a girl!!! As you can see four of the eight were drop offs, three of them being here at Twin Oaks Stable, one came to us at our old house.

Princess; Tortisshell (female) ---pound
Prince; Large Long Haired Mis (male) ---stray
Slinky; black mix (female) --- farm
Mittens; mix (male) --- farm
Snowball; mix (female) ---adopted from a litter a stray cat had on our front porch.
Sassy; mix (female) ---drop off
Gonzo; long haired mix (male) ---drop off

Now for the outdoor animals...
Seattle; thoroughbred (mare)
Odysseus; thoroughbred (gelding)
D'Artagnon; pinto (gelding)
Lynwy; arabian (mare)
Alan "Quartermaine";  appaloosa (gelding)
Galahad; pinto (gelding)
Tayla; racking horse (mare)

Sophie; saanen (doe)
Dorothy; lamancha (doe)
Fubar; nubian (buck)
Snafu; nubian (wether)
Naomi; lamancha/nubian cross (doeling)
Gemma; saanen/nubian cross (doeling)
Handsome; saanen/nubian cross (wether-ling?)
Awol; pygmy goat (wether-ling?)
Just for fun I added the ling after wether; as you can see....well you call baby does-dolings, and baby bucks-bucklings.....what about a baby wether? A baby wether needs cute name; and since you wether by 4 weeks they're still small and cute! So I'm going to call my boy a wether-ling!

Abilene-babydoll (ewe)-picking up later this month
Esmerelda- babydoll (ewe)-picking up later this month

Mimic (hen)
Afroman (rooster)
Little Red Hen (hen)
Bonnet (hen)
Lionel (rooster)
Hen Wen (rooster)
Hatchly (rooster)
Ugly Duckling (rooster)
Chuckabow (rooster)
Mama Hen (hen)
Dorkis (hen)
Gingerbread Man "Gingy" (rooster)
Suicide (hen)-ok, this one has a story....her sister (the only animals we've named after it died) escaped from the pen when we forgot to shut the door right. She flew into the yard, where Smudge was waiting....Smudge ignored us screaming at him while he attached and killed her-we named her Homicide. Suicide, keeps trying to escape, and when she does she heads right to where the  killer dogs are or where the (relatively) busy road is...
Ok, we have 24+ chickens; but only these few are you can tell, I decided not to name all the breeds, because all the chickens with names are a difforent breed....and I'm lazy....

That's it......I think......

~~Gabrielle W.~~
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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