Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Career choice

I am 19 y/o (20 in July), so like most kids my age I'm planning for the furture.....
'what do you want to be when you grow up?', a common questions asked to choices? Here are a few;
Circus performer/lion tamer, zoologist, marine biologist, a preschool-kindergarden teacher, owner of a zoo, a person who films and documents wild animals-horses/wolves/or lions, author, a tv host-on animal planet/NG/or discovery, a falconer-(falconry-I wanted to work with hawks), dog breeder, animal rescue, photographer, a spy-(yeah...I know)and horse trainer/breeder....
So here I am all grown up and realizing I can't make a living rescuing animals or the fact I suck at spying on people...what did I choose? Well....some of the above, but not in the way you think....
I want to own a ranch! (A zoologist/own my own zoo- All the info I have to learn about farm animals and the fact I'm going to be owning a ton (and a variety of) animals. Photographer-I'm going to take tons of picture or my farm and maybe even sell some. Horse trainer/breeder-I'm going to raise and train horses. Animals rescue-I want to rescue some abused animals and use them to teach children. Preschool/kindergarden teacher-I want to homeschool my kids.)
I want to raise buffalo, but I also want to breed and train horses (gypsy vanners to be exact). But I also want goats (for milk and soap) sheep (for wool).
I want bees for honey, chickens for eggs, some alpaca for fiber (and cause they're super cute). Along with other animals
I want to run a place where field trips can come a learn about amazing animals God made. And learn (hands on)! I want to share my passion with children, and there families, who can't afford/have time for/no place for/ animals and farming. I want to teach children about proper animal care and farming, tell them right and wrong when it come to keeping animals (fresh water, shelter ect.)
I also want to offer horse back riding lesson for "free" (in trade for work or really cheap price) for children who can't afford 40-65 bucks for an hour lesson. I also want to take photos and sell them, along with goat milk soap, and knitted items (along with yarn) and other assorted items I make (well, the animals make).
I want to share my passion!!!!
This is what I want to do with my life, yeah, it'll be hard, but I'm ready!!!

When I tell kids my age (and even adults) about my plan, they give me strange looks...the "are you crazy" looks you get from your non-farming friends.
But when I harvest the food I've been working of all summer or work with my horse, I'm like, YES, this is what I'm ment to do!
Other can sing or act...or heal (thanks goodness for doctors!) or protect (that goodness for military people!)...
I love animals, I love the country life, this is my passion, this is what I'm good at...people tell me animals are a hobby, not something to make a living off of...well, true, but I don't need alot of 'things'...I don't really care to spend tons of money on clothing (though, I am a girl and I love to shop) I can't buy anything if it's not on a sales rack or at good's how I was raised and I'm proud of it! I rarely go to the movies (though our matinee showings are 1.75 so I do slerge and go more than I should)...I rarely eat out...I don't need satalite or a new car.
Just like some make a living working fast food. I can make a living off animals.
Though, another reason people may look at me strange is, I have NO farming/ranching friends or family members.......but, the family line of ranchers have to start some where . And with the web and all the forums, it's almost at good as family! (Though nothing can beat hands on).

I want to be self sufficent and self relient! I want to grow my own food and (with wind and solar power) provide my own electricity!
Gabrielle W.

Wondering how I'll get the money to start this? So am I , I guess I'll have to marry a doctor.

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