Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Hay

Sunday we went and got more hay, but these 40 are for the horses...It's tiring unloading and stacking them since an average bale in 40-90 pounds (ours are around 55-60 I'd guess, though some are heavier and some are lighter).
It thunderstormed last night. It was neat looking at the lightning. I alway wonder why God made lightning...you know, it's so amazing! All the color and forms it takes!!! It makes me wonder if, before sin in the Garden of Eden, if God made it for us to enjoy. Think about it, how cool would lightning be, if you knew it wouldn't hurt you! It'd be an amazing light show!!!
Do you ever wonder how things would be if Adam and Eve didn't sin...
Like...what was God's original plans for thunder, lightning, camel spiders, black widows, hail.....or, the aurora borealis (the northern lights)!!! Science will say (in more scientific terms), well, the reason the northern lights do this is blah blah blah! Well, GOD CREATED THOSE THINGS THAT MAKES THE NORTHERN LIGHTS! He created EVERY THING that explains the reason for something!!!

Sorry...I got off topic, everything is good here....the high is suppose to be around 84 today...though it's suppose to drop to like 57 friday....you have got to love spring weather.

Oh, ok, so the horse fence wasn't working right? We kept having a horse get out right? Well, dad fixed it, the fence should now be electrified. Yeah!!!

Dorothy has 9 days till she's due!!!!
Still no news on the bees or the sheep....well, the sheep, the breeder has mine, just waiting on a black ewe for Samantha...

Take time to relax and breath today everyone!
Gabrielle W.

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