Thursday, April 22, 2010

The kidding stories

Well; as promised; here is how the kidding went down....

Friday; Dorothy was showing major signs that kidding was near; arching her back; 'talking' to the babies; goo coming from her vulva; she drifted away from Sophie and she stayed inside all day. Friday was a rainy day (or course) and a bit cold.....I had bee sitting outside with her for a couple hours and I decided to go in for a break. I get inside and Samantha starts a movie and I sit down on a comfy chair rather than the concrete I had been sitting on....I was inside for like.....twenty minutes tops and I decide to go back out and check on her; as I was walking out I remembered I had left the camera inside; but I was like 'oh well, she's not going to kid till tonight.....'
I get to the barn and there she was with the.....well, the first bubble out!!! I fumbled to open the gate to get to the back area to get to the radio so I could call in and tell everyone!!! Everyone came out (it was a family affair).
At 4:20 pm Dorothy had a beautiful doeling! And I named her are some photos...

The 'bubble'
Meet Naomi
                                                      Her first day outside (two days old)

Let's see here.....and then on Sunday Sophie had her twins first a doeling and then a buckling....and again we all got to see the amazing birth!!! Here are some photos....
                                            Gemma is on the right; the buckling is on the left..

There you go; our kids!!! We waited five months for it and was blessed with both; two doelings and seeing both deliveries!!!!

Yesterday the farrier came out and trimmed all seven of our horses hooves....I love picking his brain as he works! He's really smart and offers info we learned one of our horses might be a raking horse and another a gaited horse! We learne about how as a horse ages there butt area......well, the top hole can drip into the lady part....and it can lead to an infection; it's normal but just something to watch.....

Just standing there, ha ha, I learned (by my self) two of our horses still have there wolf teeth; which can cause pain if you try to use a bit.....well; that's it really, nothing much.....feeling a little bit..........ok, I love caring for my animals! I love love LOVE caring for Naomi....but I do wish there was something different occasionally; like yesterday my friends came over and we hung out for a little bit. Hmmm....well, it's been beautiful! Hope it's beautiful for everyone else!!

Wake up refreshed; eat much; laugh often; talk to God all the time and sleep well my dear friends!!!!

~~Gabrielle W.~~
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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