Monday, April 12, 2010

False Labor and riding horses

Yesterday I would of bet Dorothy was going to kid!
She was moaning, laying down and stretching, yawning alot, she had some goo coming from her vulva. She was doing that lip thing....what's it called....oh, flemhen (I think)...she was acting strangely, getting up and pawing then lying back down.....but no kids....she'd back to normal.
So, she was just getting ready, getting the kids into the right position....she's due the 14th, so two more days! But really, she could kid anytime now! Same goes for Sophie!

Today was beautiful! In the sun or while you are working it was almost to hot for jeans. I worked with and rode Quartermaine today. It was so much fun to finally work with a horse after winter! I only rode him a little since he out of shape after winter. I also worked with and rode Odysseus for the first time in forever....well, I didn't ride him, I tried his new saddle blanket on him (it has wedge things to help if the horse has tall withers). It worked...sort of, if he was walking it would of pressed down onto his, I'm thinking if I double the blanket (as if he was bowed backed) might help, I'll just have to try and see I guess.
We have no news on the ewes, well, Samantha's ewe, the breeder said mine was born.....
We'll be picking up our bees the end of the month.....I think the chicks come in May.

That's all, have a grand adventure!
Gabrielle W.

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