Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Doll Sheep

Guess what!!! We got the email about our sheep!! Samantha has to get a white one, but never the less, they arrived have been codon tested and will be ready for us to get this are the pictures the breeder sent...
Meet Abilene!!! She's mine!! In this picture she's 6 weeks old...

                             Meet Esmeralda!!!She's Samantha's!! In this picture she's 5 weeks old...

I will say that the names are subject to change; though I'm pretty sure the names are keepers! I can't wait!!!Abilene was born March 14th....Esmeralda was born March 23rd......Oh, I'm so excited!!!

Sunday we're picking up the bees....well dad is; Samantha and I have to take the chickens over to the stable we're renting them to for field the trips....we're taking six chickens....and then on Tuesday mom's taking over two of the kids....I'm so sad that they are leaving for three days this week  (Tuesday-Friday is four days but we'll pick them up after Friday's field trips so really it's like three days)...but then they have to go back for  five days (really four since we'll pick them up, again Friday after the field trips).....them, three days (really four know)  and then the last week they might not even really they'll be gone only ten days............I don't want them to go!! They're my babies! I know they'll be taken care of but; I love them so much!!!

Today was beautiful! Windy; but beautiful....this weekend is suppose to be very rainy; so much RIGHT NOW they're warning about flash floods...hmmm,
Oh, we switched the fields the goats were in just for today;
the girls went into the boys area and visa versa.....the boys were like; this is cool, ooh, look at this, ect.......the girls; wigged out!! Ma, ma, maaa, maaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
Running about getting each other upset....MAAAAA!!!

Awol is doing well; he's taking the bottle really well now....when we got him he didn't want to take the nipple...I'm not sure if I told you; he was on his mom right before we picked him 4 weeks old never on the bottle is a bad thing......but with my love and care; he's better!

Wednesday; we took all the kids to the vet to be disbudded and to get the boys castrated.......the disbudding was.....bloody; instead of using the...iron?  To burn the horns.....the vet used..... What ever you call it; the vet put them out and used what resembled an apple corer and cut them out......we asked about it and he said that he could burn them off but this was safer....burning you risk not buring enough and getting scurs or burning to much and causing brain damage....and then he added, would you prefer to be cut or burned??? And then came the castration...yeah, uh.....
I'm not sure what it was called but...uh, ha, he snipped something with scissors then using a drill with a attachment; clamped and twisted.......uhg......of course for both the whethering and disbudding Mom, Samantha and I walked away.....I can stand watching stuff like this; but not when it comes to my baby's....uhg!!!!

Well; it's way past my bed time! Goodnight everyone!
God Bless!

~~Gabrielle W.~~
"The Lord directs the steps of a christian. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand." Psalms 37:23-24

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