Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yet again, we have a naughty horse!

You have already met Galahad in a past blog...he's the horse who kept getting out of the horse fields and into the road and our yard....well, he did it again!
He has no fear of the fencing now! This time, he broke through the middle field fencing went into the first field and then through the perimeter fencing and into the...gun range area....he then must of went around the WHOLE area and came back into our yard via the drive-way....thankfull horses are herd animals and won't wonder very far from the pasture pals.

Mom was leaving to pick up Samantha and Remington from school and she stopped and honked at the corner, telling me he was I went out and you could tell he must of been out for a while because he followed me back into there area....I went through (getting my clean jeans muddy) and hammered in the poles (again). We use to have the middle field open...but I decided to close it and open the third field....Mom didn't want to open the third field becuase she's worried that the horses (mainly Galahad) will go through the fencing and since the third field it right next to the road (a very busy road) she doesn't want any one or any horse to get hurt....
Yeah, I know, we need "real" fencing...or at least electric fencing that works, but "real" fencing cost REAL money, which at the moment, we do not have....we're not sure why the "horse" fencing isn't working....the box says that it should be...and we've gotten shocked on it a few times this past weeks, but I guess for some reason it wants to be a pain in the butt.

The girls are doing well with only (ruffly) three weeks left till they're 150 pregnant we're getting super excited! We still have so much to do! We need to clean there stall (and the chickens, but that has nothing to do with goats) we need to clean the milking area. we went and got a baby travel play bed/pen thing the other day from the grannies (she has a...white house that everyone stores things in, the bed/pen was my moms) now we have a place to keep the kids when they're first born!
If they have a doeling we can keep them (only one each sadly) we can't keep any bucklings, UNLESS, since Dorothy is a lamancha and has elf ears, and Sophie is a saanan and had up right ear, Fubar (our buck) is a nubian, so he has floppy ears, if Dorothy's buckling has one ear elf and one floppy we can keep him! Same with Sophies buckling! Woudn't that be super cute! One ear floppy and one ear elf, I couldn't get rid of it!! I wonder what the chances are of having a kid born like that.....hmmmm....
Well, we're going to be going to the libraries today so I should go get lunch....well, if you haven't had breakfast is it still considered breakfast at noon?

We're anxious to start getting the garden ready....but we read somewhere that if you work the garden to early the soil will become rock-like.....

Oh, did I mention, I now have two followers to my blog! How cool!
Hope everyone is having better luck keeping there horses in! God Bless!
Gabrielle W.

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