Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yard Work

today I spent my day mowing and weed whacking. It was a beautiful day!!!
I started wearing a coat and ended up with my pants rolled up into capris and my short sleeves pulled up, to a tank top.
The past two days we've let the horses into part of the yard. They love coming and eating the grass in the yard!
Oh, yesterday, I saw Tayla, uh, ur, well, sleep talk....She was laying down in the yard, sleeping and she started nickering and blowing through her nose; to I called to her (to make sure she was ok) she woke up and looked at me...then after a while she went back to sleep....then she did it again, followed my licking the ground! It was so funny (and cute!).
We have yet to get an update about the bees...
Today is the last day in March I truely can't belive how time flys!!
The grass is so green, I love it!!!!!!!!

Gabrielle W.

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