Monday, March 8, 2010

Water Hose Miracle

Guess what!!!!!!!! The hose is working! Yeah!!!!!!!! It's been like in the fifties the past few is so nice!! Now I am really getting cabin fever.

I am getting so excited for the does to deliver! It's just three weeks away!! But at the same time I'm like, I change my mind, they can't have babies! Why? Well, what IF something goes wrong.....and what IF I miss the delivery...or IF Samantha's doe has a doeling...and mine has all bucks.................the last two are just preferences, so long as both mother and babies are well, I don't care about if I miss the kidding or mine has all bucks-though it will suck.

Samantha is getting ready to order chicks soon...we're ordering more hens this year...I think.....This year we're only getting like, 7 meat birds....our freezer is packed with whole chickens still..The reason we're getting any is because Samantha want to go 4-H. again....maybe this time she won't get sick come fair time....I felt so bad for her, all the hard work she put into it and poof, she get's sick when fair rolled around...

We have yet to decide on a spot for the bee hives...

Spring time is sooooooooo close!!
Gabrielle W.