Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring time, just a few days away!!!

Ok, so.....I haven't gotten anything done really since my last post, because I was sick....

But dad has painted the bee hive (still no phone call as to when we will be able to pick the bees up).
Samantha and ordered the chicks. We're sharing an see you have to buy att least 25 chickens....doesn't matter meat or egg, just with our friends, we're buying...8? 10? meat birds they're buying 8? 10? meat birds, then we're buy 9 eggers.

As I sit here I hear, mice above me in our ceiling....scratching about and making a rucuss. I'd be willing to put decon out in the attic where the cats and dogs can't get it....but a few of our cats are great mousers. They caught three yesterday!!! Well, anyways, the mice can go everywhere in these old walls and I worry that they'll be dieing when a cat catchs it...and normally the cats kill them, then leave them (same with the dogs and birds and moles)...but what if they decide to eat it? So we have a mouse problem and aren't sure what to do with it....

As I look out the kitchen door, I think, where did all this green grass come from! It is getting so close to spring, (this Saturday I belive) I am so excited!

Springs Here in just (counting today) three days!!! Yeah!!!
Gabrielle W.