Friday, March 19, 2010

Naughty Horses

Well last night/early this morning one of our horses, (my bet D'Artagnon or Galahad) broke through our pvc and electric wire fencing into there first field, NAUGHTY HORSES!

The "first field" is the best field, it was the first area of what use to be corn field, that we planted seed and kept mowed. So it's the best and there favorite.
You should of seen them all day, running here and there making a ruckus as if they've been stalled for weeks on end!

So, we let them have there fun today....and after feeding them, Mom and I went back out and put some of the pvs poles that had fallen, back up; along with all the wire they'd ripped off the pole....
now hopefully they stay out of it!

Today was beautiful! So sunny and bright! I went out and took a ton of photos! Here are a few....

Me and Snafu




One of our lilac bushes

Me with Denmark in the background

My Snafu!

Well, hope everyone is doing well!
So much love sent from my key pad to your screen!
Gabrielle W.