Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March-the beginning of spring time (in my opinion)

Well it's March, our lambs are due! Can't wait to get that email!! Next month our kids are due!!!! I hope I am able to catch the delivery!!
A few days ago I finally put up Odysseus' stall guard, by my self! Yeah me!!! I am turning into such a handy-man...make that handy-lady (even though it sounds a bit strange)! I finally put up the mineral feeders for the does and boys...I started to put a gate latch on one of the gates but, after cutting some wood to make the latch reach the post, yes I used a mitre saw! I discovered that the latches didn't come with the screws I needed.....Then I started to put some hooks up in the tack room, but my screw driver died.

The horses are getting cranky, my bet is because of the weather, it's starting to get very VERY soggy, and the fields are off limits for now. They can feel the warmer weather getting closer and closer....

Our bee supplies were shipped , they should be here around Friday! Pictures will be posted! We're having trouble deciding where to put the hive....it needs some shade, protected from wind.....away from our dogs...and horses...so the hive location really needs to be figured out....

I think that's about it.....oh, tomorrow, mom and I are heading out to trim our fruit trees.

Springs a comin', and I'ma lookin' forward to it!
Gabrielle W.